Sunday, February 14, 2016

A Late Resolution Note of 2016

I wanted to write this end/new year note since last November. Even as the new year had passed and now is not end year anymore, the note still has not completed. Let me write it now.

As always, end of year to new year is a good place to make evaluation for the past time and planning for the future. Thankfully I and wifey was born at the end of year. We got married also in December. Then making a resolution at this time will be very logical step. Even with slight late execution should be forgivable, late is better than never, isn't it?

Different with my notes from previous year, I would like to elaborate this year note by describing what have done well, what could be improved and what the next plan. For whom join toastmaster, usually speech evaluator will said those words, "what have done well" and "what could be improve".

Following are notes from my previous years. Actually I can feel quite proud by always having some kind of resolution note every year for the past 5 years.

  1. 29 years old personal note
  2. 28 years old personal note
  3. 27 years old personal note
  4. 26 years old personal note
  5. 25 years old personal note

So, let’s begin.

What have done well

Happy romantic fulfilling marriage

Most of the time everything are awesome. But still as human being, there were some friction happening sometime. But I have to admit that most of small problem is caused by myself. I don’t know why, somehow I realise that I have a bad temperament that can be easily triggered for even a nonsense things. In this regard I have to appreciate a lot my wife whose always be patient in facing her sometime-childish-husband.

Move to an awesome company

I join Redmart last year. The first time I work with many awesome people. The work are fantastic and challenging. I learn a lot even in quite short time compare to previous time.

Campervanning in Australia

I and my wife went to Australia last November to do trip style we had not done before. We hire a campervan. To whom not familiar with campervan, it as big car, with most household facility such as bathroom, toilet, kitchen with gas stove and sink, a lot of cabinets and flat bed for sleeping included. We drove from Sydney to Melbourne and return to Sydney again with total distance more than 3000 km. We camped in many places and stop by in many cities. I would like to write the trip detail in other post, but in summary, that trip is really awesome.

What could be improved

When reflecting the goals from my previous year resolutions note, I have to admit that most are too vague. So the major improvement that I have to do on this year is to make more measurable and reasonable goal.

What will be the next plan

  • Improve communication skills
  • Have IELTS minimum 7
  • Take a GRE test
  • Be a more family man
  • Participate in marathon
  • Lost weight 15 Kg (yes I am overweight)
  • Read minimum a book per 2 months and make a review on it
  • Learn a new sport (tennis or billiard)
  • Use scala to create something
  • Going Umrah
  • Write a book
  • Speak in a technical conference
  • Learn to cook
  • Learn and start investing
  • Completing two Advance Manual of Toastmaster

Actually there are some entries that is not shown above because it is more personal. I and my wife have a trello boards that contain cards with detail step  plan to achieve those goals.

Happy belated new year. There is never too late to setup goals. As long as we would like to accomplish it.


  1. The past year was very productive for you. This brought many positive results. It is great that you have planned so many things for the subsequent years.

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