Sunday, December 15, 2013

Another Self Reflection of Age Increment

var jon = {name: "Jon", age: 27}

Birthday is a special reminder. It will make us recall that few years back we had born to this world and one day we also need to depart. We do not live forever. There are two important things we could do for this special occasion. First, to do self reflection and second, to pray for our wish and dream. No wonder that most common birthday greeting is "wish you all the best".

Start from reflection, I still not satisfy with myself. I still quite often wasting time instead of doing something useful. I still procrastinate too much. Time management is still the most important skill that I have to improve. 

Regarding wish and dream, like usual I have so many those things in my head and heart. Likely I am blessed to be a super dreamer person. However I won't blabbing it here at the moment. I just would like to restate a personal note that I had written last year. In this age increment, I want "To be more grateful and more humble". There are to many things that need to thank for, like for example this simple but so touching present from my wife. Red tiny MP3 player with my name on it. Maybe wifey have realized how much I addicted to trance music although she said that she prefer me to listen Quran recitation :).

Nonetheless, there is on important wish that likely could be worth to be elaborate. I want to be a person that can give positive impact in social contribution. I have one friend. He is few years younger than me. Yet, I see he has done so many positive contribution in social life surround him. He often arranges and involves in many social activities. Like teaching children from street, arrange blood donation event, collect donation for neglected old person and event recently he managed to arrange some support to develop Islamic school for elementary student. He made me feel so ashamed. In this 28 years of life, I never had done things like he did.

Relate to previous paragraph, since I was studying in high school I always want to be a teacher. Might be not a school teacher but more to be a lecturer or just general speaker. I love to share the things that I know. I have one dream to be a great and inspiring speaker. Maybe one day I could speak in one of TEDex event or some software development conference. Teaching is not only the matter of transferring knowledge but also transferring passion. That's why teacher must be an inspiring person. I am hoping I can make this dream come true. This year is my third year pursuing some scholarship for master study. I have received countless rejection letter. I am hoping can start to study again soon. After that then maybe I could start teaching, inspiring and give positive social impact to my surrounding. For now, let I start by giving this very small contribution by pouring idea through simple writing and push myself to learn how to speak and share better by preparing my next project toastmaster speech for next week.

Life is too precious if just to be ordinary. Let's live life at the fullest.


  1. Handsaf to you, My self is also think that Celebrating Birthdays by Birthday wishes and party's is time and Money waste, if possible do something that is useful to other

  2. self reflection and pray for our wish and dream. No wonder that most common Birthday Wishes greeting is "wish you all the best".

  3. Happy Birthday wish is enough instead of celebrating party and wasting time and money

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