Monday, December 13, 2010


Person jon = new Person();
int prevAge = jon.getAge();
int currentAge = prevAge++;
jon.setFelling(new Feeling('grateful'));
Time move very fast. I just realize today I am already 1/4 century. Nothing special with birthday except we are getting closer and closer to die. But I don't know why, I am very grateful today.

My mom said (like Forrest Gump phrase) I was born in small rented house exactly 25 years ago. At the rain season, my mom said too, the roof often leaked. Even we don't have personal bath room inside house because we are very poor. So we must share outdoor bath room with neighbor. My mom said again, she always bring me walk around selling something for our living. Often mom walk very far, selling imitation jewelry or puppet cloth. I am exactly don't remember how it was at that time. What I remember I always have great mom, father that I believe always love me, family that always care and friend that is everything. Human is nothing without other, so do I can not stand without other.

Now about 25 years forward. Life not as bad as previous. But I am ordinary human that never satisfy. Keep greedy and more greedy day by day. Get motorcycle want to buy car, after get car wanna get another more expensive car, again and again. Suddenly I to stop and contemplate. I already have everything. Why I am always complaining. When I see down bellow there still very many people who struggle for their life. At the street light, at the dark and dirty traditional market, etc. Life is too futile if we are always complaining. I also realize at the opposite when we see above there are many people too that looks life very happy and peaceful. Have home like a palace. Have luxury car with unimaginable price. Have money that seems never run out. They look very happy. They do? I don't think so.Stop complaining, be grateful, keep chase whatever dream we have. This is one sentece statement that I rise today. There is no restriction getting whatever we want as long with appropriate way. But stop complaining. God do not playing dice when determining human destiny. God have very complex rule but I belive the rule is very fair. No more grumble, let's move. Continue college, buy nice car, buy nice home, go to any place we want, get perfect job, open profitable business, there is no limit in this world, except artificial limit that we have created by ourself.

Happy Birthday Jon. The day you was born, God have prepared your destiny canvas. You have chance to write real destiny above that canvas. Stop complaining, be grateful, keep chase whatever dream we have.


  1. Hahaha.. Nice post.
    Happy Birthday and Hopefully you will be wiser and wiser. :)

  2. Thank you Vera. Just realize that someone already commenting this post.