Sunday, November 10, 2013

Several Good Movies Shot in Europe

Europe has many beautiful countries. This continent always being one of place that I want to spent some of years of my life, either by studying or working for 3 to 5 years maybe. Unfortunately both of that willing haven't come true yet. Europe always unique in my opinion, first because various countries with their own cultures and languages. Second, most of the countries there are advance country. Third, they have many beautiful architectures and buildings. Fourth, as a tropical country man, I always wonder how 4 season climate feels like. Fifth, most of European countries linked with good quality of transportation system. Let say comprehensive European rail line. Sixth, etc.

There are some movies that took those setting into scene. Some are quite good movies.

Run Lola Run (1998)
This is Germany movie. Starred by Franka Potente that also play as Bourne lover in first and second Bourne movie. The story of this movie is very unique. Of course I wouldn't tell the twist. The movie was shot in Germany.

Bourne Trilogy (2002, 2004 and 2007)
This movie franchise is one of my favorite. The movie is about Jason Bourne, a former CIA that suffers loss of his memory and being chased by other CIA agent in one big conspiracy. The movies were shot in all over Europe like France, Prague, Italy, Spain, UK, etc. We can see car chasing, airport, train station, cross country drive in this movie. There are a spinoff series that released on 2012 but the main role is not Matt Dammon anymore and the shot mostly in Philipine.

Vollgas - Gebremst wird sp├Ąter (2005)
Another Germany movie. The story is about a woman and driver that is trapped in a car that has been planted a bomb. The driver has to follow the guide of one person who put the bomb or else they will be blown up. The shooting location is in Germany. They are using VW Golf for the movie.

The Tourist (2010)
I just saw the movie today. Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp play the main role. The tagline is the perfect trip, the perfect trap. Johnny Depp is an American tourist who visit Europe and suddenly chosen to be a decoy by Jolie when they meet in train to Venice. The movies set were in France and spent most of the hour in Venice, Italy. So there will some chase action but instead of car they use boat.

Zindegi Na Milegi Dobara (2011)
Indeed this is Indian movie. Recently more and more Indian movies is shot abroad. However, still some dancing will shown along the show. The main story of this movie is about friendship of 3 best friends. Since of them will get married very soon, they deside reunite by travelling to Europe together. The movie is quite good. The most of the movie set was in Spain.

Habiebie Ainun (2012)
The story about one former of Indonesian President and also very respectful Indonesian Technologies BJ Habiebie and his wife Ainun. The movie take the story from the biography book writen by BJ Habiebie itself. The set of the movie were in Indonesia and also some sets in Germany. Some sets that I can remember is when Habiebie sit with Ainun in the park to feed the Pigeons.

There might be some movies I forgot to include, I will add them later.

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