Friday, November 29, 2013

Birthday Love Letter to My Wife

Dear Wifey,

Happy birthday, may Allah always bless you, have all your dreams come true and happiness always be with you forever eternal from now until here after.

We know that we live only temporary. So let we live life at the fullest

Be someone significant. Or at least don't be a burden on this earth. There are already plenty of bad people out there. Don't add more by being one of them. Always try to make world a better place, even if have to by most insignificant way. Don't litters, drive wisely and respectful, always be honest, never cheat in any forms, always be a helpful person to other and if all of those look difficult, at least try to smile because smile is free.

Be a good agent to any attributes that's attached to us. Be a good Indonesian, although how worse political drama that always going on in the country, although so many annoying authority that always thirsty of money and although economy that still crawl slowly. Be a good model by having great achievement academically or professionally. Invent awesome things, make useful research or build a useful platform or business. Be a good Muslim although much people still having bad perspective about Islam. Try to be a good sample and make them reconsider their view. Religion is a medium. When someone bad it doesn't mean by mistake of religion but most likely because something wrong from the person them self.

Develop powerful and competitive generation. Being good by ourself is not enough. Because like I have said world has become more and more unfriendly. Where corruption is common, where people accept bribe shamelessly and event asking it in obvious way, where crime rate somehow always climb, where taking people right is generally happen. Let's build better generation. Be a good mother and let me be a good father. Not just as parent but be their friend as well and most important be a good role model so at the time our children growth up and somebody ask to them "Hi kid, what you want to be in this life?" and proudly they will respond "I want to be like mom and dad." Let growth children and teach about good self awareness, be a respectful person, be a hard and smart worker, have a high dream, achieve many great things and most important always honest in all aspect of their life. Hopefully this approach will sequentially inherited to our grand children education as well in similar good way. At the end hopefully if world could not be better instantly, let some years to be the cost, and need some generations to be go through.

Happy birthday my lovely wifey and let's always try to make world to be a better place. If it seems hard, at least make ourself to be a better person.

PS: I love you


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