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IT Recruitment in Indonesia

In one of episode of temanmacet podcast there was discussion about working abroad. The discussion revealed that currently many IT resource from Indonesia that go to abroad instead develop domestic IT power. The main reason is very reasonable, there is no appreciation from their own country for their professional skill.

One of that dis-appreciation can be seen from vacancy for IT resource in many job vacancy website in Indonesia like jobsdb and jobstreet. Many company who search resource don't favor specialization. They have mind set to take most advantage with less salary over for the candidate  that will be recruited. Many of vacancies posted state very much requirement for single position

This some artificial example that condition:

We are a growing company bla bla ....;
We are growth and expansion, we are looking for talented professionals to join our team.

Java Programmer
    * Java, Linux & Oracle is a must.
    * S1 Degree from related background and reputable university.
    * Experience in using Java Web Programming Language.
    * Experience in using Linux & Windows Server Operating System.
    * Experience in C#, C++ and Visual Studio .NET.
    * Understanding Design Patterns.
    * Understanding Model-View-Controller Architecture.
    * Understanding Refactoring.
    * Good attitude, commitment to work and good team player.
    * Adaptive to new environment.
    * At least 5-7 years of working experience in software development.
    * Good problem solving, analytical, and leadership skills.
    * Deep understanding on database design, application design and architecture.
    * Can fix Air condition system
    * Can be office boy replacement
    * Can washing car and employer personal pet

The last three of the requirements is my joke. I just only want to describe how naive some of IT company in Indonesia. There is something natural when someone want to get economic value in recruiting employee. Pay as low as they can and pretend get someone that understand more than 4 programming language, fluent in more than 3 database, have good habit in more than three framework. Even superman cannot fulfill such requirement.

Of course there are reason why most of IT company do this (most but not all). IT industry in Indonesia can be considered still in infancy. Most company stand less than 5 years. So most of it still search appropriate form. The big mistake of most that company is, company tends to fulfill whatever clients need. Also from discussion in temanmacet podcast most IT company in Indonesia apply rule PALU GADA (apa lo mau gw ada , English: we can provide whatever you want). By applying this rule the company push developer as the main actor in producing their product. If client need application that will be built using PHP, the developer can build. When the client need other application that will be built using Java, same developer can code that. At the end the developer is dead.

If we consider carefully, applying Palu Gada approach at long term is destructive. This rule favor generalization instead of specialization. I don't too understand about business, but I believe good business is selling something that specific. With more focusing like that, company can provide something with good quality assurance instead of buggy software or late development project because developer to stress buy unrealistic requirement and time constraint.

So what can we do to fix this problem? From employer point of view, is stop Palu Gada approach. Be more specific. By doing this company can produce more stable software with no late delivery. If client offer project that unrealistic with current human resource and time line reject that. Many IT company that make big mistake by forcing itself accepting such unrealistic project.

From employee point of view we can fix the problem to more specialized in one skill instead of to be too generalist with many skill. The most obvious thing that can employee candidate do is stop put too many buzzword on CV. Moreover of you put the buzzword just to make your CV looks cool without actually understand what the buzzword mean. Only put skill on CV that really represent your main skill. If we put too much, when we start work, employer also expect to much that mostly outside our capability to handle that.

Probably the post is getting to long. I will continue the topic later on. I realize many problem analysis and how to solve it is little bit to shallow. But that is roughly problem that happen in IT recruitment in Indonesia.

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