Sunday, August 15, 2010

Idea Management

There many think that is interested to discus relate to management topic especially in field of software development. The point that is raised by the topic is, there many of software development process that really take concern in issue management. Bug and problem in application take most of attention. Of course that is something natural. Every software development company eager to produce software without issue and problem.

Moreover, responding this necessity there are so many tool that make issue management easier to do. There are Jira, Trac, Bugzilla and other kind of system that intended to use as issue management tool. By using that system software development team can manage issue that is found. Manage in here mean resolving and fixing issue. The interesting point is even though issue management is very important, most of software development team forget about idea management. Idea management is very important to manage too. There must be very much idea that lost because not managed well. Actually manage in here is just listing the idea and then at some time discussing in group. The question is if there so many issue management software exist is there any idea management software out there? I believe there must be exist. But the most importance is our awareness that beside issue, idea is important to manage.

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