Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Amsterdam Here I Come

There's no rejected pray. When pray seems not granted immediately, it could mean 3 things:

  1. Our pray is suspended to more appropriate time
  2. Our pray is replaced with something we need more
  3. Our pray is granted at the hereafter with something bigger

About some years ago, I put a simple facebook status. I forgot its detail, but more or less it said something like "Amsterdam here I come!!!". At that time honestly I just babbling. Babbling from the heart.

Since I was child, I always hope can live abroad. At that time, the way that I think could be the path to that dream is through post graduate study. That's why, there was a time when I'd tried to apply several sholarship. Speaking Europe, I was inspired by Edensor novel by Andrea Hirata. Europe is one of my dream land. Anyway, I failed in many sholarships appication about 3 years in the row. Little bit frustrated, but somehow I realize that there are so many lessons from those experiences. I learn to be more persistent, to be more grateful, to be more excellent.

This month I received interesting surprise. I will fly to Amsterdam for one ocassion. Exactly the old dream that come true. For some people flying to Europe is a simple thing. Maybe it just the matter of purchasing the ticket. But for me it was special experience. Unfortunately I cannot see the snow at this time since now has been spring in western Europe. At least perhaps I can see beautiful tulip blomming in a wide garden.

This experience is one simple proof for the prior statement I've mentioned. There is no rejected pray. Never lost your patience, your enthusiasm and at the same time always put your best effort in anything you want to achieve.

Life is short. Life is too precious to be ordinary. World is too beautiful to left it unseen.

Amsterdam, here I come!

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  1. That is a great opportunity! I would like to get this chance to. you know, you're so happy to have those chances!