Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Preparing GRE

Today I just bought another book. On my lunch break time, I went to Junction 8 mall in Bishan. After browsing for a moment, my eyes attracted to one official GRE book from ETS. No need to long time 40 SGD have to go out from my pocket. GRE which stand for Graduate Record Examinations is a standardized test to assest analytical writing, verbal reasoning and quantitive reasoning of a person. Even though not mandatory, this test is usually used as an admission requirement for many graduate schools. GRE will be used especially for applicant who plan to apply a course which is different with his bachelor degree. More or less is the situation that I've face right now.

Since last two years, I have applied several scholarship. Most of time I was rejected. Several time I even don't get any notice at all. Finally I arrived to a conclusion, I have to evaluate my strategy. Improve my approach before I apply scholarship or apply to graduate school again. The first thing that appear in my mind is GRE. GRE is not mandatory in most scholarship or graduate school. But providing GRE must be a significant added value.

GRE itself consists General Test and Subject Test. General test is what I have mentioned previously. Subject test is special test which will measure knowledge in particular field of study. There are eight disciplines currently available:

  • Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Computer Science
  • Literature in English
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Psychology

From those list, my concern beside General Test will be GRE Computer Science Subject test. Because most good graduate school in computer science most of them asking this test. General test is offered as computer based test in most place but Subject test is offered in paper based only.

GRE fee is 175 USD for General test and 150 USD for subject test. General test is available about every one month in most of places while subject test is available 3 times per year only. Personally I aims to take the test in about next 3 months. Let's begin to practice. :)


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  2. Interesting to see how this will shape up in the future. At the moment, most people applying to B-school with the GRE are those who are also using their GRE scores to apply to specialized master's programs in other business areas

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