Sunday, April 15, 2012

Orange Ray in Marina Bay

This blog supposed to consist more technical content. But short poem for my wife should be ok written here. Technical guy also human, right? :)

Orange Ray in Marina Bay

Smile is like a white pearl
Sincere smile is like white beautiful pearl from deepest ocean
Sincere smile is you

Cheerish is like a sunrise in Marina Bay
Looks so pretty start with its orange rays
End with ultraviolet white light which comprise 7 colors like we've seen in rainbow
Cheerish is you

Sadness is like a blackhole in outerspace
It sucks any happyness nearby

Loneliness is like message on paper inside the empty bottle floating on the sea waiting to reach its recepient where sometime never reach at the end
Loneliness is unreplied message
Loneliness is like a husband who waiting to know where his wife when her home
Without any suspicuosness at all
Merely just want to care and to be cared

Distance is like a knife
Can be good mostly can be bad
I don't want distance will stab us

Mature is not the matter of age
Neither the matter of how many times someone prays per day
And this stupid poem is written by a man who try to be mature
But often always failed
By a man who try to be more gentle and patient as a husband

Raffles Place, April 15, 2012

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