Thursday, July 14, 2011

JBoss AS 7 has Released

It is little bit surprising when I browse to theserverside this evening and found a news that announce JBoss 7 has been released. I am surprised because what I remember JBoss 6 was released not too long a go. When I see the release date, JBoss 7 is released only 6 months after the JBoss 6.

JBoss application server is very important for me. Since my first step as Java Enterprise developer JBoss is the application server I have used most often. The funny thing, even though the version now already at 7 number, I myself still use the JBoss 4 version for development. This is happen because most of the project that I handled still use that version.

These are some important features of JBoss 7 Application server. Fast start up (< 3 seconds), lighweight, modular core, hot incremental deployment, elegant administration, domain management, first class component. I still don't have many comments for those features because I have to dirt my hand first playing the application. I will write another post later.

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